Over 25.000 guests

The number of visitors to Eldheimar have exceeded even our highest expectations.
Over 25.000 guests have visited the museum since it opened in the spring. It will remain open throughout the winter.

Keeping in mind the fact that Vestmannaeyjar are not on the ring road and are not easily accessible we were careful in estimating how many visitor we could expect, thinking that 15.000 – 16.000 visitor could be a reasonable number in our first year. We are of course thrilled about how well our museum has been received.  The museum and it´s exhibits have received raving reviews and we know that people are making special trips to Vestmannaeyjar just to visit Eldheimar.  Eldheimar is without a doubt a great addition to tourism on the island.  In the very near future Surtseyjarstofa, Surtsey museum, will open within Eldheimar and will give an even more detailed insight into the eruption on Heimaey in 1973.

During the winter Eldheimar will also host events such as concerts and readings, starting at the Museum night in November.

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