Gagarín awarded SEGD honor award

Gagarin the designer of the interactive technology in Eldheimar was received an honore award by SEGD for their work in Eldheimar.


Gagarin was awarded an Honor Award by SEGD for the Eldheimar exhibition in Westman Islands, Iceland. There are over 1,700 members in more than 20 countries in SEGD and among 336 submissions only 6 received the highest Honor Award.

The Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD) is a global, multidisciplinary community of professionals who plan, design, and build experiences that connect people to place. The society includes graphic and information designers, fabricators, architects, exhibition designers, technology integrators, interaction designers, brand strategists, students, wayfinding specialists, teachers, and others who have a hand in shaping content-rich, experiential spaces.

Launched in May 2014, the Eldheimar Volcano Museum is dedicated to one of Iceland’s biggest natural disasters, the Heimaey eruption in 1973. In the middle of the night on January 23, a volcanic fissure opened up on the outskirts of the town and continuously ejected lava and ash for five months.

The museum is located in a new building on the very slopes of the Eldfell volcano where the fissure originally appeared. The museum takes you on a journey back to a time before the eruption until the end of the volcanic activities. Visitors can learn the remarkable story of how the inhabitants fled to the mainland of Iceland in the night, how some stayed to fight the lava flow to protect their livelihoods, and finally, about those inhabitants who returned to Heimaey to reconstruct their homes.

Gagarin aimed to enhance the learning experience by encouraging visitors to be “protagonist explorers” rather than passive consumers of information. By hunting through debris like archaeologists and discovering “lost” information and old memories, visitors are empowered to discover their own narrative within the museum visit. We worked in close collaboration with the exhibition designer, Axel Hallkell Jóhannesson, to tie our interactive narration tight into the overall exhibiton.

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