A year since Eldheimar opened

It's been a year already since Eldheimar, the new volcano museum, opened it's doors on May 23rd 2014.

A year has passed since Eldheimar opened it's doors and we have to say that it has been a huge success from day one. In it's first year Eldheimar welcomed 26 thousand visitors, most of whom came from overseas, a number that exceeded all our expectations. Among the domestic guests are the people of Vestmanneyjar and although the museum reflect on some painful memories most islanders agree on it's importance for coming generations to know and remember the night of January 23rd 1973.The Surtsey Visitors Center also opened last year on November 14th Eldheimar is without a doubt one of Iceland´s most interesting museums. Eldheimar, just like Vestmannaeyjar is a “must visit” for every one visiting Iceland.

You can get to Vestmannaeyjar by plane, 20 minutes flight from Reykjavík www.ernir.is or by a 35 minute ferry ride from Landeyjahöfn on the south cost of Iceland.

Marina Pötzsch

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